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o3B rumblings

Something is happening over at o3B.  From their press release:

O3b Networks Ltd. today introduced its first turn-key offering. ‘Quick Start Africa’ is a, Carrier Managed Service designed for Telcos and ISPs on the African continent who need a high capacity, ultra low latency, carrier class IP trunking solution.

Through its constellation of MEO satellites available in late 2010, O3b Networks will provide low-latency IP trunking and cellular backhaul solutions to Telcos and ISPs in emerging markets worldwide.

‘Quick Start Africa’ enables Telcos to purchase an integrated package of ground equipment, space segment and teleport access at special pre-launch pricing, in advance of service activation. By reserving capacity now, Telcos will ensure they get the high-bandwidth and low-latency access to the internet upon service activation in 2010.

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‘iPhone 3G – Satellite Finder on the Move’

For those of you who have never heard of Dishpointer it is an online service that gives direction and angle to satellites nearest your location and plots it all in Google Maps.  The service is free and has a full repository of available satellites.  Now you can fire it up on your iPhone for those times that you need to get your satellite fix on the move.  (You can also fire it up in Google Earth when you get home.)

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The UAE is getting into the space race

It looks like the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is getting into the space race.  For all of you currently living/working in Dubai you now have one more reason, in addition to the skiing, not to leave.

From Reena Amos Dyes’ article over at Emirates Business 24/7:

“The UAE’s space-related activities have huge potential for growth. And the country hopes that, with its recent investment of $1.7 billion in a telecommunication satellite system, the planned launch of its first remote sensing satellite and its focus on the private spaceflight industry, it will become a regional focal point for the industry.”

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