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Mini-UAV’s used to collect HIV/AIDS and TB samples in remote areas of South Africa

This is about as wild and innovative as it gets.  Another great project being developed locally.  The National Health Laboratory Services of South Africa is using mini-UAV’s to collect HIV/AIDS and TB samples from remote health posts in the region.  Here is the complete write-up from the NHLS website and a New Scientist video:

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[via Robots.net, DIY Drones, and Timbuktu Chronicles]

Digging robots

We just received an iRobot Roomba 560 vacuum cleaner as a gift and man is it cool. I know they have been around for forever but to watch it in action is a fantastic waste of time. I’ve been discussing drones and UAV’s with some folks but now robots are on my radar. Check out robots.net for the latest news.

If you know of some other great sites please let me know.

Oh yeah, what the hell does this have to do with humanitarian work?  Not much.