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WIRED’s Gadget Lab is certain this time that the Nokia E71 is an iPhone killer

With a bright and shiny pic WIRED‘s Gadget Lab posts their verdict on the Nokia E71.  Wow, people really like this thing.  Here’s a bit of the juice:

“The E71 looks more like a Blackberry Killer, but don’t be fooled: This great white hope from Finland is a smart device that gives the iPhone a run for its money in a lot of different areas (yes, really).

Despite its obvious lack of an oversized touchscreen interface, Nokia wins points for a remarkably trim profile (10mm vs. 12.3mm), decent 3.2-megapixel camera (instead of 2.0), and the fact it’s not tied to any carrier (yet). Most of all, we’re stoked they avoided the overcrowded iClone bandwagon by sticking to what they do best: gorgeous hardware packed with a satisfying range of fun(ctional) features.”

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Nokia N95 + Qik + Chad = not happening

Ok, here’s another one from WIRED magazine’s DangerRoom.  Sorry to pitch two of their posts in the same week but the guy is in Chad and I start getting all sentimental when I read his dispatches.  I sure do miss Guereda and the French MRE’s.

David Axe has a story about his attempt to use the video streaming service Qik on his Nokia N95 while on assignment in Chad.  I think we all could have guessed the outcome but this guy actually went out there, sweatedit out, and proved it.  Read the full story HERE.

‘Chad’s Courteous Phone Thieves’

WIRED magazine’s DangerRoom blog has a great article on Thuraya’s getting ripped off in Chad:

“If you’ve ever spent an entire day trying, and failing, to make one important phone call, as I just did here in sunny Chad, you might understand how tenuous communications are in a place like Central Africa.

So it’s no wonder that Thuraya satellite phones are among the hottest items in the whole region … and why these handy little phones are at the top of bandits’ and rebels’ wish lists.”

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