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Snappr.net – your ‘one stop shop’ for all your 2D barcode needs

Snappr.net is a very cool site which provides you with the tools to generate any type of 2D barcode you might need.  Not only does it allow you to generate the standard web codes, text codes and phone codes you can also create social codes for applications like Facebook and even image and music codes by uploading MP3’s and JPEG’s.  This site is definitely worth checking out.  It was built and run by a small firm with offices in San Francisco and Europe and based on what I have seen here I am sure you will be hearing a lot more about Snappr.net.  Head on over and generate your own codes now.

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Battle of the 2D barcode readers

We are back with more 2D barcode info.  In “Mobile Barcodes NeoReader on the iPhone vs Nokia N95 Barcode Scanner” we are treated to a comparison of the two readers.  Bena Roberts of GoMo News does a good job of laying out the details.  For those of you that have been waiting for this ‘tete a tete’ here it is.

NeoReader – A new 2D barcode reader App for Apple’s iPhone

streetstylz just wrote to let us know that the NeoReader is now available for Apple’s iPhone.  I just checked the iTunes store and sure enough, if you search for NeoReader, it pops right up.  I have yet to take it for a test run but my guess is that it works just fine.  Yahoo has the press realease in case you are interested in reading more about it.

(Be sure to check my earlier post about 2D Sense.  You can link to it here.)

If you’ve tried NeoReader please be sure to let us know!

Links: 2D barcodes

  • Streetstylz dropped a link on me for another 2D barcode reader: NeoReader.  Check out the ‘How it works’ section on the NeoReader site to see what 2D barcoides have to offer and check out Streetstylz site for more on the mobile space race.  Sadly, no NeoReader for the iPhone.
  • Dean, over at Cognation, sent in a link for a sixty second intro on QR Codes.
  • Australia’s SmartCompany ranks QR Codes at #5 on their list of Top 10 search-and-sales tools.  (Not aid worker fodder but interesting enough.)
  • Here is a YouTube video titled ‘N95 Barcode Guide’ that does a great job of laying out the basics.  What the hell, I’ll just embed it.