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‘Al Jazeera Labs is Testing Ushahidi’

Peter over at The Road to the Horizon Tweeted earlier that Al Jazeera is using Ushahidi to track events in the Israel-Gaza conflict.  The Ushahidi blog has the details but here is an excerpt:

It made sense that Al Jazeera’s new media team got in touch with us via Twitter – email and Skype came later. A week ago they asked us for the alpha code to see what they could do with it around the recent activity in Gaza. This was the first time a non-Ushahidi team had deployed the alpha-level software. You can see it at http://labs.aljazeera.net/warongaza.

Instructions from Riyaad on the Al Jazeera team:
“If you’re anywhere in the world and an event is taking place to do with #gaza #israel send a text to: +45609910303 – Start it with GAZA.” You can also, SMS 37191 / +45609910303 – Twitter: @ajgaza

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UPDATE: You can also follow Al Jazeera’s Gaza conflict Twitter feed @ajgaza

Yep, I’m Twittering.

I have spent so much time writing about it but not actually Twittering.  Now you can find me under my blog name: aidworkerdaily

I’ll see if I can manage to pump out a few Tweets on a regular basis.  Who knows?  Maybe I’ll become as addicted to Twitter as CNN’s Rick Sanchez.

Present.ly enters the corporate Twitter arena

Previously, we mentioned Yammer as a possible tool for corporate or organizational communications for emergency response scenarios.  Now there is Present.ly which apparently ‘means right now’ and which has recently entered the corporate Twitter arena.  Check the vid, take the tour, use it and let us know.  Thanks TechCrunch for the heads up!

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Create QR Codes for your Twitter feed using Insqribe

While I am still not sure what a ‘campaign’ is I do think it is pretty cool that you can generate social QR Codes for your Twitter feeds.  While Insqribe lets you do this after establishing an account Snappr.net, which I highlighted a few posts back, lets you do all this with no limit on the number of codes you can generate.  But, hey, let’s give Insqribe a chance to prove their worth.

‘Yammer Takes Top Prize At TechCrunch50’

TechCrunch‘s Erik Schonfeld writes that Yammer has taken top prize at TechCrunch50.  Yammer is Twitter for internal corporate communications.  Could this serve as a useful tool for aid agencies looking to disseminate information quickly and efficiently at the onset of an emergency?  Watch the VIDEO.

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Yahoo’s Fire Eagle now available to the public

Over at TechCrunch, Jason Kincaid has a nice big write-up on the public release of Yahoo’s Fire Eagle.

SPOT was offering Beta invites but it looks like those will no longer be needed.  If you are looking for things to do with Fire Eagle and you own a SPOT be sure to read about how to hook up Fire Eagle to your SPOT and Twitter.

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‘Snowl: Unified Messaging In Your (Firefox) Browser’

For all you road warriors out there this one might prove useful.  TechCrunch has a story about a new release from Mozilla Labs called Snowl:

“Mozilla Labs announced a new project today called Snowl. It is an add-on for Firefox that aims to bring all of your messages together in one place, whether it is from email, SMS, Twitter, or RSS/Atom feeds. The project right now is an early, buggy prototype that only supports RSS/Atom feeds and Twitter. So that is nothing special.”

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