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Cucku + Skype – free online back-up between Skype users

Cucku, a free, online social back-up tool has released a Skype Extra which allows Skype users to back-up their data with other Skype users.  All you need is a Skype account and the Extra which you can download here.  Given that Skype is the unsung hero of the humanitarian community this tool could prove useful for those field users concerned about field security since Cucku allows you store data offsite but still keep it within your organization.

Mozy – Back-up while in the field

I’d like to offer up a small application that may make your life a little easier. Mozy is an online storage application that encrypts and then stores your data in a remote location. The beauty of it for aid workers is that the initial upload of the bulk of the data can occur when your back at HQ where there is ample bandwidth. All subsequent updates are incremental uploads of only the freshest data. all data is encrypted and there is a bandwidth throttle mode for those of you in the bush.