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EU Gives 1 Mln Euro Humanitarian Aid for South Ossetia – Reuters

The Reuters Alertnet ticker is reporting that the European Union is ready to provide 1 million Euros for humanitarian operations in South Ossetia.

VIDEO: Georgian troops pound separatists – Reuters

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Trouble is brewing in Georgia! No, not THAT Georgia.


Well, it looks like things are heating up in GeorgiaReuter’s AlertNet has a story about the escalation in tensions between Georgia and the separatist regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia.  Apparently, Georgian jets flew eight missions over South Ossetia yesterday and the Russian peacekeepers in the region are not real happy about it.

Read the full story here and for those of you that still do not know which Georgia I am talking about here’s a map:

‘Thais living on Cambodia border brace for clashes’

Reuters has a story on a potential conflict involving Thailand and Cambodia…

By Sukree Sukplang

KHAO PRA VIHARN, Thailand (Reuters) – Thais living along the border with Cambodia began evacuation and weapon drills on Wednesday, fearing a land dispute might escalate into violence after talks failed this week.

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