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MotionX-GPS – The latest and greatest GPS App for the iPhone

MotionX-GPSI came across Navigadget’s MotionX-GPS App review a few days ago and decided to spend the $2.99 for the download.  It is a user friendly App that boasts six main screens: MotionX-GPS, MotionX-Stopwatch, MotionX-Navigation (compass), and MotionX-Track (map), MotionX-Waypoints and MotionX-Logbook.  While most GPS units have either too many or not enough navigation features MotionX-GPS seems to provide the right amount.  At $2.99 who is going to complain?

Here’s their YouTube spot:

Download HERE

Website HERE

‘Egypt’s GPS ban: How does it affect the local GIS industry, Nokia and Apple’s iPhone?’

Stefan Geens over at Ogle Earth has a great write-up on GPS being banned in Egypt.  Take notice as Egypt is not the only country with an “notoriously paranoid military”.  The opener is brilliant:

Here’s an eye opener, courtesy of an article in the Daily Star Egypt:

Today, only three countries in the world still ban the commercial use of GPS: Egypt, Syria and North Korea.

And I happen to have moved to one of them.

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Google Earth for the iPhone

As I am still in an anti-IT funk I held off posting on the recently released Google Earth iPhone App in order to show solidarity with my protest.  Frank and Stefan have already covered it six ways to Sunday so I’ll just link to all of their good stuff which is way the hell better than anything I could come up with.  Here’s Frank’s Google Earth Blog write-up and here is Stefan’s Ogle Earth write-up.

My quick and dirty take on it is:

1) Don’t miss the overly ostentatious iTunes App store page.  Above is a glimpse of what you can expect.

2) It is exactly like a little, tiny Google Earth in an iPhone.

What I’d like to know is when are we going to see an OSM App for iPhone?  Steve?  Mikel?  Andrew?

Export iTrail data directly to Google Docs

I hadn’t noticed this before but you can actually export your iTrail tracks directly to Google Docs.  The folks (Justin Davis) that make the application have also created iTrail Desktop to make the management of your data that much easier.  You can pick up this gem for $2.99 at the iTunes store.  HERE is the link.

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‘OLO to turn your iPhone into a laptop’

Here’s one for all of you road warriors.  Snap in your iPhone into OLO and you have a laptop.  From the DVICE write up:

The iPhone, when you think about it, is really more of a handheld computer than a phone. Sure, it can make phone calls, but any phone can do that. What makes the iPhone unique is its web-surfing abilities and legions of add-on programs. It’s just in a phone’s form factor.

A company called OLO Computer is working on a small laptop that’ll cradle your iPhone and allow you to use it with a large screen and full keyboard. You’ll simply pop the iPhone into a space where the trackpad usually sits, turning the iPhone into a trackpad. You’ll then be able to type out emails or text messages using the keyboard, sending them through your phone. It’s a clever idea, one that may or may not catch hold depending on how much it costs. We’ll see how this one turns out.

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BeeTagg – a new 2D barcode reader for your iPhone

BeeTagg Reader is the latest 2D barcode reader to enter the fray.  I have yet to try it but you can now download it at the iTunes App store.  The BeeTagg is one of the best looking 2D barcodes out there.

‘Earthscape iPhone App Now Free For Limited Time, Grab It Now’

TechCrunch once again has the story on hot stuff iPhone Apps.  Earthscape is FREE for a limited time so get on over to the iTunes store (LINK) and get one!  In case you don’t know what it does here is Google Earth Blog‘s Frank Taylor with a video introduction:

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‘Carry Your PC on Your iPhone or iPod Touch’

Lifehacker has a story on Mokafive’s iPhone Sentinel.  Rather than try and pick it apart tonight I’ll leave up to y’all to read through the write-up.

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Fire Fone and horEYEzon – Two new Apps from the iPhone App store

Fire Fone allows you to update Yahoo’s Fire Eagle from your iPhone.  It looks clean and simple.

horEYEzone calculates the distance to the horizon based on your elevation.  Very cool if you’ve got miles of ocean or sand all around and you need to calculate how far you have yet to travel.

iPhone 2.1 update now available

For those of you sporting an iPhone yet another update is now available.  They haven’t been very lucky with some of their other updates so let’s hope that this is the one that sends us straight to nirvana.  Engadget has the story and a truckload of comments to go with it.