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An update from Burning Man

A gentleman by the name of Mark Atwood posted a little ditty which covers both Burning Man, Garmin Rino radios and Inamrsat BGAN units so it kind of counts as an ‘aid related’ post.  In any event, his post is priceless:

Finally got the BGAN sat link working

The direct US Highway 20 route mixed poorly with the huge RV, but we survived

I did most of the driving

My feet ache, from walking around the playa all day.

I had put together a route of interesting looking events from the schedule, but the only one that wasnt a dud was the art and fashion photographer who is working thru the very last box of b&w polarioid film in the world.

Tangent’s art piece, the applecore, is pretty cool

I had a lot of fun yesterday, but I seem to be in a bad mood today

The RINO radios are really cool and work really well

I’ve taken a lot of pictures

Last night some little raverchick asked me for some “Molly”. I had to say “sorry”, given that I didn’t know what molly was, nor would I have been inclined to be a provider of it anyway.

I’m having fun, but I miss home.

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Find your way around Burning Man

[WARNING: Again, absolutely nothing to do with aid work, other than comic relief, and some cool map stuff.]

I should have never started with the whole Burning Man thing.  Now that I have Brady Forrest over at O’Reilly Radar has quickly trumped me with his write-up on Flickr‘s Burning Man Open Street Map project.  You can now clearly ID the water truck’s route, using geo-tagged images, so that you can be sure to catch him when you head out for your morning shower:

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Burning Man

[WARNING: This has absolutely nothing to do with aid work.]

Folks, it is that time again.  The migration to NW Nevada will soon begin and for weeks afterwards we will have watch all the dust covered cars roam the Bay Area as they make their statement that they too became one.

Before you head out there you might want to read this little ditty by Violet Blue, SFGate.com’s Open Source Sex columnist.  It might save you from having to wash your car and spend time applying aloe vera gel to those sunburned bits.

Making the e-mail rounds a few weeks ago — and sent to me by more than one high-profile local sex educator — was a snarky list of ways to “enjoy Burning Man at home.” The list included many observations about the experience, like:

  • Before eating any food, drop it in a sandbox and lick a battery.
  • Stack all your fans in one corner of the living room. Put on your most fabulous outfit. Turn the fans on full blast. Dump a vacuum cleaner bag in front of them.
  • Buy a new set of expensive camping gear. Break it.
  • Get so drunk you can’t recognize your own house. Walk slowly around the block for five hours.
  • Have a 3 a.m. soul-baring conversation with a drag nun in platforms, a crocodile and Bugs Bunny. Be unable to tell if you’re hallucinating. Lust after Bugs Bunny.
  • Cut, burn, electrocute, bruise, and sunburn various parts of your body. Forget how you did it. Don’t go to a doctor.
  • Pay an escort of your affectional preference subset to not bathe for five days, cover themselves in glitter, dust, and sunscreen, wear a skanky neon wig, dance close naked, then say they have a lover back home at the end of the night.