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GeoCommon’s Maker – find geo-tagged data and map it (soon)

Erik Schonfeld over at TechCrunch has news of FortiusOne‘s next steps after their acquisition of Mapufacture.  Under their GeoCommons you will soon be able to locate geo-tagged data and then create eye pleasing maps like the one you see below.

We covered the acquisition of Mapufacture some time ago.  Check it out for a little background but better to head over to TechCrunch and read the rest of Erik’s post.

Google never posted map data for Georgia. Will they?

It has now been confirmed by a number of folks at Google that they never published the map data for Georgia.  I sincerely appreciate all of you taking the time to tap your sources and clarify this issue.  Coming on the heels of yesterdays Gmail outage I think suspicions were heightened given the current cyber attacks on Georgia’s networks.

This heightened awareness, however, has brought up a new issue – there is no map data for Georgia.  If I am planning an emergency response and using Google Earth to do so (something I did many times in the past as Google Earth is an excellent tool for doing just that) how am I going to plan my response?  I know that right now more than a few aid workers in offices around the world are working like mad to map points of interest within Georgia and they are having to do it blind.  No roads, cities, borders, etc make it nearly impossible to accurately map an organization’s response.

I am hopeful that the good folks on the Google Earth team in Mountain View will gather their volunteer team together and help us out with that as soon as possible.  With 100,000 displaced folks now moving out of and around the country it is going to be harder than ever to track their movements.

ReliefWeb.int is currently posting maps from the BBC, NY Times and the LA Times.  Are we back to running down to Barnes and Noble and buying up all the folding maps we can find?  I haven’t had time to search online so someone please point me in the right direction.

Lastly, I sincerely apologize for assuming that there was data was there to begin with, something which I should have done at the beginning of this piece.

Conflict in Georgia finally mapped

Stefan Geens over at OgleEarth.com has the scoop on an effort by Catholicgauze to map the war between Russia and Georgia.  It was only a matter of time before the Google Earth community started churning out the KMZ files.  It is a bit rough but I am sure in the next few days we’ll begin to see refined versions of both Google Earth and Google Maps projects popping up left and right.

Thanks to Catholicgauze for making this available.

FortiusOne has acquired Mapufacture!

News comes to us via Stefan Geens’ Ogle Earth that Andrew and Mikel have sold Mapufacture to FortiusOne.  Congratulations Mikel and Andrew!

Read on…

UPDATE:  Check out Brady Forrest’s write-up over at O’Reilly Radar.

sStitch – A disaster reporting App for the iPhone

I just came across this over at the Wall Street Journal’s All Things Digital.  Adam Tow has done a write-up on a whole slew of new apps.  Among them is sStitch, a citizen’s disaster reporting tool.  From the sStitch summary:

From the iPhone the organized photos go up to our server, which outputs geoRSS streams organizable by user or tag. The data can be imported into GIS systems such as Google Earth, as well as Common Operating Picture systems used by organizations such as the Red Cross or fire departments.

In a recent training exercise in San Diego our team imaged an IRL brush fire and got the data displayed in the command center 30 miles away within two minutes.

Very interesting stuff.

OpenStreetMap in Jordan

Mikel Maron of OpenStreetMap.org (OSM) is heading to Jordan to work with JumpStart International.  He’ll be mapping the country with the help of Jordanian engineers and then loading the data into OSM.  Hopefully, he’ll also get to enjoy to hospitality of the Jordanian people, the incredible food, the open air cafes and the massive amount of history that the country has to offer.

Mikel has been involved with everything GIS for some time now.  He writes about his adventures over at Brain Off, works with Andrew Turner on Mapufacture, and most recently spoke at O’Reilly’s Where 2.0 about mapping disasters with Jesse Robbins.  Here is a video of their talk.

OpenStreetMap was founded by Steve Coast.  Steve is currently involved with running CloudMade, a company which builds mapping tools using OSM source data.  Check out this very informative (and very fast paced) YouTube video of Steve laying out how OSM works:

If you are an aid worker (or even if you are not) and you have a slew of tracks stored up please head on over to OpenStreetMap.org and lay them down.