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The Road to the Horizon

The Road to the Horizon

For some time I have been following the posts of WFP Peter on his blog ‘The Road to the Horizon‘.  He’s got some great stuff and I strongly encourage you to take a look.  One page that I only recently read, strangely enough, is the About page.  (I am not sure how I missed this as it is usually the first thing I head for.)  In any event, Peter’s About page has a great summary of what I think drives most of us to aid work.  Not only was he not getting what he needed back in Belgium he also had a deep-seated need to help people.  That, in my opinion, is the prime motivating force for most dedicated aid workers.

Peter’s also got a great page on finding work in our field.  Check out his ‘Rumble: So you want to be an Aidworker, hey?‘  It starts with a great WFP promo video.  Thanks, Peter!

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Want a job?

I just came across this NGO job site.  I know nothing about it but it has a truckload of positions listed.  If you are in the market for a new gig be sure to take a look.  Let me know if you land a job so that I can link to it from my jobs page.

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A great way to find a humanitarian job

ReliefWeb has pulled through with a killer new application for finding humanitarian jobs.  Gone are the days of scrolling through their job listings.  Now you can just click on their map and the postings pop-up as balloons.  There is also a Google Earth KML file for those of you that want to download the latest vacancies.

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What do you want to see more of at Aid Worker Daily?

Folks, help me out here.  It is time to let me know what you want.  Believe me, I can blather on incessantly until the cows come home but I want to make sure I am giving y’all what you want.  I appreciate the fact that you have enjoyed what I have had to say so far but my gut tells me that there are a number of you who could give less of a hoot about gadgets, etc.  Jobs seem to be inching up the charts so I’ll be throwing more down on that subject.  In the mean time please toss a word into a comment box so that I can plot a course.  Don’t be shy, speak up!

p.s. – You can also drop me a line at aidworkerdaily@gmail.com!