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Wuala – Free, social online storage

I haven’t quite figured out if Wuala is of use to aid workers but my earlier experience with MozyPro is reason enough to try something new and different.  Wuala, developed in Switzerland, utilizes a social network for storing random bits of your encrypted data.  The service is free or you can purchase additional space beyond the complimentary 1GB.  You can also provide up to 50GB of storage space and get the same in return for free.

I am not sure what happens when someone shuts off their server where you have your data parked but perhaps someone out there who is ‘in the know’ can provide us with some free advice.

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UPDATE:  Check out this story on Wuala that just appeared in The Economist.

‘The Much Anticipated DataCase Launches: Turn the iPhone Into A Wireless Drive’ – TechCrunch

TechCrunch is reporting that you can now turn your iPhone into a wireless drive using DataCase.  Michael Arrington states,

I’ve been testing it and it works, for the most part (I’m having trouble re-connecting after closing it down and re-opening). Definitely worth the $7. Any business user will want to download this immediately. One cool feature that I wasn’t able to test – DataCase says it can stream video from the iPhone to a computer.

You can pick it up here from the iTunes store.

‘DataCase iPhone App Video: Turn Your iPhone Into A Wireless Drive’

Michael Arrington over at Techcrunch has posted a write-up on a wireless drive App for your iPhone called Datacase.  Here is an excerpt from Michael’s post:

“DataCase, though, looks to be different. It will turn your iPhone into a wireless drive for file storage, and includes a viewer for most popular file formats (Office, PDF, etc.). The application has been highly anticipated but is yet to launch – the creator says by email that they want it to be perfect before releasing it.”

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Mozy – Back-up while in the field

I’d like to offer up a small application that may make your life a little easier. Mozy is an online storage application that encrypts and then stores your data in a remote location. The beauty of it for aid workers is that the initial upload of the bulk of the data can occur when your back at HQ where there is ample bandwidth. All subsequent updates are incremental uploads of only the freshest data. all data is encrypted and there is a bandwidth throttle mode for those of you in the bush.