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Picasa for Mac is out!

I have been waiting for a long time for this one!  Download it hereHere is the Picasa team’s write-up over at Google Photos Blog.  Here is the Techrunch review.  Thanks @steverubel.


‘Al Jazeera Labs is Testing Ushahidi’

Peter over at The Road to the Horizon Tweeted earlier that Al Jazeera is using Ushahidi to track events in the Israel-Gaza conflict.  The Ushahidi blog has the details but here is an excerpt:

It made sense that Al Jazeera’s new media team got in touch with us via Twitter – email and Skype came later. A week ago they asked us for the alpha code to see what they could do with it around the recent activity in Gaza. This was the first time a non-Ushahidi team had deployed the alpha-level software. You can see it at

Instructions from Riyaad on the Al Jazeera team:
“If you’re anywhere in the world and an event is taking place to do with #gaza #israel send a text to: +45609910303 – Start it with GAZA.” You can also, SMS 37191 / +45609910303 – Twitter: @ajgaza

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UPDATE: You can also follow Al Jazeera’s Gaza conflict Twitter feed @ajgaza

ThurayaAssist and ThurayaRelay – Two new services for Thuraya users.

More positive developments for field folks.  From the Thuraya partner (Geonix) site:

ThurayaRelay™ combines updated positioning services and the ThurayaLocate™ dynamics with a stream of new and useful features.

  • Supports two levels of alerts: basic position reports and emergency SOS requests for immediate assistance

  • Automatically relays SOS messages to multiple user defined e-mail addresses and mobile phones

  • Facilitates free-format text messages from user to centre to aid identification of assistance required

  • Provides detailed travel advice and risk assessment for every country worldwide

  • Provides timely incident reporting on inclement weather, terrorist or other threats as they occur

For more information, download the FAQs by clicking here.


ThurayaAssist™ provides you with access to a spectrum of services when you’re on the go both on the road and off the beaten track. With full global 24*7 voice assistance in emergency or for prior briefing, ThurayaAssist™ is the ultimate in personalised travel SOS services

In the event of an emergency or when faced by threats, you can call on a specialist security advisor who will advise, assist and co-ordinate effective response through to appropriate external services such as police, fire, ambulance, coastguard, embassies as well as relaying to friends, family and employers. All the time the security specialist knows exactly where you are from the emergency SOS report on his screen

The ThurayaAssist™ emergency response services are provided by the UK based global security specialists red24. Additional personalised corporate emergency and repatriation services are also available.  For more information, download the FAQs by clicking here.

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MotionX-GPS – The latest and greatest GPS App for the iPhone

MotionX-GPSI came across Navigadget’s MotionX-GPS App review a few days ago and decided to spend the $2.99 for the download.  It is a user friendly App that boasts six main screens: MotionX-GPS, MotionX-Stopwatch, MotionX-Navigation (compass), and MotionX-Track (map), MotionX-Waypoints and MotionX-Logbook.  While most GPS units have either too many or not enough navigation features MotionX-GPS seems to provide the right amount.  At $2.99 who is going to complain?

Here’s their YouTube spot:

Download HERE

Website HERE

Cucku + Skype – free online back-up between Skype users

Cucku, a free, online social back-up tool has released a Skype Extra which allows Skype users to back-up their data with other Skype users.  All you need is a Skype account and the Extra which you can download here.  Given that Skype is the unsung hero of the humanitarian community this tool could prove useful for those field users concerned about field security since Cucku allows you store data offsite but still keep it within your organization.

‘OpenStreetMap grows, spawns ecosystem’

A guest author over at TechCrunch UK has written a great article about the rise of OpenStreetMap and businesses like CloudMade and Geofabrik that are sprouting up around it.  From the post:

OpenStreetMap and the tools around it still have a very geeky feel, making it
easy to be dismissive. Nevertheless, there is no disputing the rapid growth,
improvement, and emergence of a surrounding ecosystem of ventures make this a
project likely to a have global impact for both internet users and businesses.

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‘Google testing Picasa for Mac beta’

It looks like Techcrunch really did scoop the story earlier this year when they caught a Google employee admitting that they were developing Picasa for Mac.  AppleInsider has now learned that Google is internally testing the software but does not predict a release date.  From the write up:

Long the domain of Linux and Windows users, Google’s Picasa photo management tool is currently being tested for Macs, AppleInsider has learned.

People familiar with the matter say the search engine giant has just begun internal beta testing for the Mac-native version of the software.

While its proximity to a final release is still unknown, Picasa for Mac would serve as one of Google’s few fully offline Mac apps and has often been one of the most conspicuous omissions on Apple’s platform from a company otherwise known for its cross-OS friendliness in programs like Google Earth and SketchUp.

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