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Russia ‘ends Georgia Operation’ – BBC

According to the BBC Russia has ordered an end to military operations against Georgia.  However, there are a few lines further down the page that stand out,

According to a Kremlin statement, Mr Medvedev told his defence minister and chief of staff that “the goal has been attained”.

“I’ve decided to finish the operation to force the Georgian authorities to peace. The safety of our peacekeeping forces and civilian population has been restored,” he said.

But Mr Medvedev warned that Russia would not tolerate any further Georgian military activity in South Ossetia, saying: “Should centres of resistance or other aggressive attempts arise, you must take the decision to destroy them.”

Even if the fighting is over there are still an estimated 100,000 driven from their homes.  The relief efforts will need to continue long after the current conflict ends.

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Spiegel Online Fotostrecke

Der Spiegel Online has a an incredible slide show of images from the fighting in South Ossetia.  Click on the image below to view the entire show:


VIDEO: Georgian troops pound separatists – Reuters

More from Reuters:



Russian tanks have entered South Ossetia, heavy fighting

Below is a screen clip from the BBC’s latest video of Russian tanks rolling into Georgia.  Click on it and you’ll be taken to the full BBC video:


I was told late last night that aid agencies are already planning their response, ReliefWeb has begun updating their maps for the region and the Red Cross is asking that a humanitarian corridor be established for evacuation of wounded civilians.

South Ossetia – If this isn’t war I don’t know what is

Russia Today reports on the current violence in South Ossetia: