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The WordPress App for iPhone works like a charm

Yesterday, I posted from the floor of the Yosemite Valley using the new WordPress App for the iPhone and I have to say it worked like a charm.  I snapped the pic below with the iPhone, typed out a quick post while standing at the edge of the meadow just in front of Yosemite Falls and a minute or so later I could view the post in Safari.  It appeared just as you see it below and I think it looks great.  It looks like a poor quality pic but the air was filled with smoke from the nearby fire and I had to shoot back out toward the entrance of the valley since you couldn’t even see Half Dome at that point.  We packed up and headed home shortly after to escape the smoke.

The App did a great job of resizing the pic but I would have liked to have had a little more control over the layout.  Also, there does not seem to be a ‘Publish’ button rather you are required to save your post as ‘Published’.  However, adding Tags and selecting a Category was simple.  I hope they will continue to develop the App and integrate more editorial tools so that we have more control over our posts.  In any event, it did a great job in those 5 minutes I spent standing on the side of the road.

For Communications Officers this offers a powerful tool for blogging from the field.  As long as there are no network restrictions and enough bandwidth you should be able to liveblog from just about anywhere in the world and with the new iPhone 3G you should be able to geocode your posts.


iPhone WordPress App – Liveblogging from the Yosemite Valley

We’re in Yosemite right now and if you are reading this then the new iPhone WordPress App works like a charm and there is enough AT&T bandwidth for me to post. However, the nearby 16,000 acre fire has obscured just about everything so we’ll need to come back in the fall.