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Bihar flood maps available for overlay in Google Earth

UNOSAT has maps of India’s Bihar region available for download.  The recent flooding of the Kosi River has displaced tens of thousands of individuals in both India and Nepal.  Reuters has more here and MSF says it has people on the ground.  Here is BBC coverage of the tragedy:

UPDATE #1: Sorry, folks, I got a bit ahead of myself and with too many tabs opened ended-up posting the wrong map.  I have corrected the issue (Thanks, Kelly!) and the link is good.

UPDATE #2:  Einar Bjorgo of UNOSAT has provided a link to download a KMZ file of the overlay.  Stefan Geens over at Ogle Earth has also created a KMZ file for download.

UPDATE #3: Google LatLong Blog has integrated new maps and imagery into a KML file.  Download it here and read the entire post. (9/26/08)