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Battle of the 2D barcode readers

We are back with more 2D barcode info.  In “Mobile Barcodes NeoReader on the iPhone vs Nokia N95 Barcode Scanner” we are treated to a comparison of the two readers.  Bena Roberts of GoMo News does a good job of laying out the details.  For those of you that have been waiting for this ‘tete a tete’ here it is.

Nokia N95 + Qik + Chad = not happening

Ok, here’s another one from WIRED magazine’s DangerRoom.  Sorry to pitch two of their posts in the same week but the guy is in Chad and I start getting all sentimental when I read his dispatches.  I sure do miss Guereda and the French MRE’s.

David Axe has a story about his attempt to use the video streaming service Qik on his Nokia N95 while on assignment in Chad.  I think we all could have guessed the outcome but this guy actually went out there, sweatedit out, and proved it.  Read the full story HERE.