AIDG – My new favorite NGO

AIDG is my new favorite NGO.  I know nothing about these people, other than what I read on their site, but they seem pretty straight-up.  Plus, I dig the fact that the founder, Peter Haas, received his B.A. in the Liberal Arts.  (As a graduate of St. John’s College I have a soft spot for those folks.)  Here is a guy that received his degree in a totally unrelated field and yet spends his time building biodigesters in Cuba and turbines in Guatemala.  I love this stuff.  Find your passion and go for it.

After a week of depressing realizations about the tech/aid community my spirits were lifted when I came across this site.  I was looking for info on micro hydro projects for my new line of work (green building) when I came across AIDG’s excellent Flickr photostream.  Here are some sample pics of some real ingenuity:

Handmade turbine from standard PVC fittings

Pico hydroelectric system with turbine at its core

Pico hydroelectric system with turbine at it's core

It’s basically a bunch of kick-ass hippies making the world a better place on a shoestring budget.  If you are thinking about a place to donate money in someone’s name rather than giving them a gift definitely check out AIDG and then head over to their donation page.  These folks deserve your compassion as well as legitimate, long term funding.


3 responses to “AIDG – My new favorite NGO

  1. Kick ass business hippies if you don’t mind. 😉

    Glad to be a new fave, thanks so much for the plug, and nice to meet you.

    Twitter: @aidg and @cat_laine

  2. You might also like Practical Action, they seem to be doing similar work:

  3. Yeah, agreed. I love the AIDG people and what they’re trying to do.

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