‘Congolese Dawn’

I just came across this exceptional blog called Congolese Dawn (What a great name! Very Conradian).  It is relatively new and authored by a collection of volunteers currently in-country.  From the Nov 18 post ‘Before the Deluge‘:

I’m stood in the Ngiri-Ngiri district in the centre of Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, in a wide trench that runs down the side of the street. The rainy season is beginning and the trench should be draining water from the muddy track which passes for a road, but instead it is filled with rubbish and sewage that laps around my cracked black wellies.

Karem, a local man in his midtwenties, is breaking up the solidifying mass of waste and mud with a rake, and I am shovelling it out onto the side. Karem looks dolefully up and down the road before turning to me. “My country, the DRC,” he says to me, “it’s fucked”.

Read on…


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