More Open Street Map vs. Google Maps – Kabul and Tbilisi

Kevin Toomer over at Patronus Analytical commented on my last post that he had spent a fair amount of time updating Kabul for OSM.  Kabul is another fantastic example of the difference in accuracy between OSM and Google Maps.  Thanks to OSM community members like Kevin Toomer that are making our job that much easier.  I also took the luxury of comparing Tbilisi screenshots.  Be sure to zoom in on the OSM maps as there is even more detailed information the closer in you go.

Kabul, Afghanistan

Open Street Map - Kabul

Open Street Map - Kabul

Google Maps - Kabul

Google Maps - Kabul

Tbilisi, Georgia

Open Street Map - Tbilisi

Open Street Map - Tbilisi

Google Maps - Tbilisi

Google Maps - Tbilisi


5 responses to “More Open Street Map vs. Google Maps – Kabul and Tbilisi

  1. Oh wow!!!!!! I had *no* idea!!!
    This is great!! Certainly for remote areas where we – aidworkers- operate and commercial maps are not available, the ‘big bucks’ are not interested, ..

    It is also a great platform for us to share the information we have!!


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  3. Here is a URL that lists all the world’s capital cities and compares OSM coverage with that of Google for each. OSM is doing pretty well in the comparison.

    If you want to see how much mapping is going on where in the world on OSM then this overview image gives an indication of how active each place is.
    Planet - A Year Of Edits On OpenStreetMap

    It’s worth reading Mikel Maron’s blog who does a lot of work on the interface between mapping and development/aid work.

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