Proof that the developing world is screwed

As the world melts and AIG execs get pedicures in the SoCal sunshine a few of the best and brightest decided to spend a few fun filled days in the Cypriot sun.  I have had my share of good times but, as Michael Arrington over at TechCrunch puts it, “Team Cyprus: Alcohol  + Bad Judgement + Poor Timing”

I think the term ‘disconnect’ comes to mind.  Clearly they are not worried about much which is probably good because I am pretty sure they are not doing so well right now.  Who knows?  Maybe they are.  One thing is for sure they are doing better than about 90% than the rest of the world.  At least that looks like one rockin’ pool.

These past few weeks have made me feel a bit queasy about the IT industry and this doesn’t make me feel any better.  What is that saying?  Nero fiddled while Rome burned?  If you’re going to hang it out there for all to see better expect it to get sunburned.

I am sorry but at midnight, with a cold wind blowing and while the family sleeps, watching that video makes me ill.  Thankfully, they had enough class to chose a great song with which to sound the death knell of Web 2.0, to paraphrase Michael.

I have to watch it again.  It’s like watching a car crash.  It really is like the Sopranos last episode.  A panoply of all the actors…

Here’s the write-up in full:

A group of twenty or so tech elite were partying 1999-style in Cyprusthis last week, and posted a lip sync video of the Journey song “Don’t Stop Believing” a couple of days ago. Among the group were Brittany Bohnet of Google, Mike Hudack of, Dave Morin and Aaron Sittig of Facebook, Sam Lessin of and Jessica Vascellaro, the Wall Street Journal’s Silicon Valley beat reporter.

Team Cyprus: Alcohol + Bad Judgement + Poor Timing

The video was released just as Silicon Valley really began falling apart and the UnParty began in earnesteBay’s 10% layoffs, Google’s stock nosedive, Yahoo’s self destruction, VC’s bunkeringdown, etc. And more than a few people thought the ostentatious partying was a little, ahem, tasteless in light of the meltdown back home.

Now that video has been taken private, which is what it should have been marked as in the first place. But it’s too late – the video has spread to YouTube and other sites, and won’t be disappearing again. As I said yesterday, fair or not the video video will always be associated with the end of Web 2.0.

Ok, yeah, I just watched it again and it is THAT bad.  Either 1) the developing world is screwed or 2) they are damn lucky that these folks probably won’t bother to travel much beyond Europe.


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