Nokia Data Gathering – I REALLY like this idea

Now here is something that has massive potential.  The Nokia Data Gathering system enables data collection by just about anyone with a mobile phone by using a questionnaire built using the NDG software.  While it is not yet available for free download training sessions are apparently available.  Contact them for more info by clicking here.  From the site:

The Nokia Data Gathering process begins with survey creation software, which enables the production of tailored questionnaires. The questionnaires can then be uploaded to a server and delivered to the field workforce wirelessly using a normal mobile telecommunications network.

Having received the questionnaire(s) on their mobile phones, the field workforce can then use their phones to enter and store the responses to questions. Importantly, the solution also enables them to send responses back for instant analysis, again via a mobile network.

Data collection with a mobile phone has the potential to dramatically improve any service that relies on accurate and up-to-date information, from disease monitoring to agricultural management and emergency response services.

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2 responses to “Nokia Data Gathering – I REALLY like this idea

  1. I love it too! The ways this can be used – Endless and powerful IMO. Thanks for the heads up on this great tool

    Jke of sent me here 🙂

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