Nomadesk – The Virtual File Server for Nomadic Businesses

The folks over at Nomadesk dropped a comment on the Wuala post so I thought I should highlight them in case any of you are in need of a virtual file server.  I dug up the video below on YouTube but I don’t think it does the product justice.  If you head over to their homepage they have a good promo video (which I hope they also post to YouTube so that I can easily embed it).  Nomadesk is free to try for 90 days but $15 per license after that.

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2 responses to “Nomadesk – The Virtual File Server for Nomadic Businesses

  1. Thanks for bringing NomaDesk up. Feel free to send me your feedback.
    Online marketing manager NomaDesk

  2. NomaDesk is essentially an FTP client on steroids. There are free, ad-hoc solutions that basically do the same thing that have been available for over a year. “Gmail Drive” is a windows shell that does almost the exact same thing as NomaDesk, imitating a regular hard drive on your desktop, but syncing with a gmail account. Draw backs: the G-Drive is not supported by Google, data packets can only be 15 mb or less (standard upward limit for attachments) and uploading/downloading more than a gigabyte a day will cause your account to freeze for 24 hours. Using WinRAR to break your large data into different units and monitoring of download/upload use can avoid these problems however.

    There is also the Firefox plug-in “G-Space”, which quite literally is purely an FTP client for your web browser. It also has cool gimmicks, like built in photo browser and built in mp3 flash play back. I personally like G-Space because I can install the browser plug-in on any computer (even Mac), use at will, and then remove. Same drawbacks apply.

    If you create a separate GMail account solely for data, you can share across multiple platforms in the same way, for free and up to 7 gigs of storage (so far). Don’t tell Google though, they might get mad.

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