Tikitags – RFID your world

Engadget has a story on Tikitags, the ultra-freindly RFID tags that allow you to link a teddy bear to your favorite song list.  I am not at all sure why anyone would want to do this but I do see some possibilities here when it comes to RFID tagging all those laptops, BGAN units, Thurayas, etc.  Your asset inventory procedures could become infinitely easier especially if you hook up a Tikitag to that massive (and growing) Excel spreadsheet.  Tom from Tikitag has more for you here:

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One response to “Tikitags – RFID your world

  1. Hi! A fellow blogger who also sees the potential but wonderng if you are aware of the risks assosciated with this kind of tracking and where it is going. You may be interested in my blog, look at RFID categories.

    Here’s a couple of artcles:


    just to follow this one through to its logical conclusion.

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