New data for Georgia in Google Earth

Google Lat Long Blog

Our heart felt thanks go out to the folks in Mountain View.  Dave Barth posted yesterday over at Google Lat Long Blog to let us know that new data is now available for Georgia.  The was a minor brouhaha a few weeks back when it was noticed that there was no data for Georgia.  Dave quickly responded that they’re working on it and now, a little over two weeks later, there is a slew of new layer material.  There was a small spurt of data shortly after the very vocal uprising but now they’ve gone and added Panoramio images along with other data sets.

Thanks to Dave and the team and now we just have to ask one question: When are you posting the new Bihar imagery?

2 responses to “New data for Georgia in Google Earth

  1. Sorry Jon, but I have to disagree. Google’s coverage here is still pretty weak .. only city names, and panoramio photos.

    OpenStreetMap is far from complete, but still has pretty good coverage in Tbilisi…

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