CHF Builds World-Class Vocational Training Center in Aceh

The Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch is reporting that the Cooperative Housing Foundation (CHF) has finished construction on a multi-million dollar Polyteknik Aceh in Banda Aceh, Indonesia with funding from Chevron and USAID.

Polyteknik Aceh has 20 classrooms, laboratories and lecturers’ offices, as well as an administration office, auditorium, library, amphitheater, and a spacious, comfortable open area. Although 300 students will be part of the school’s initial enrollment, it will ultimately accommodate around 1,000 students. The project was made possible by a partnership of Chevron, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and the government of Aceh. Complementing this initiative, the government of Aceh has just completed construction of three vocational high schools in other parts of the province.

I am not sure if our CHF friend had anything to do with this but if you did then kudos to you, Jeff!

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