What can you do with a SPOT Messenger and a motorcycle? Ask Ryan over at 5Pears.org

Ryan, over at 5pears.org, spent a chunk of 2007 riding all over the US with a SPOT Messenger unit strapped to his motorcycle.  He documented his 22,500 mile adventure with 5,000 pictures and a Google Map where he has plotted all of his tracks.

Ryan has now offered to assist you with creating your own map.  If you have a SPOT Messenger and would like Ryan to plug your tracks into his system so that you can redirect your friends to your very own track map please contact him at r@5pears.org.  Thank you Ryan for this generous offer!

Even if you don’t take advantage of this opportunity you should certainly head over to check out Ryan’s compelling story and photo collection.  They have allowed me to vicariously road trip through the US and visit locations that I won’t get to see for at least another year.

Thanks again, Ryan!


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