Suunto X10

I have been trying to avoid writing about this uber-watch until you could actually go out and buy one but the big, glossy photos over at Navigadget gave me blog envy so I have given up and have decided to post about this because today I simply want to run with the herd.  The Suunto X10 looks like an extremely cool piece of gear that some of you might want to check out.  How cool is it?  It has GPS and you can export your tracks to Google Earth.  Ok, enough said?  If not, read the entire press release.  Here’s a teaser:

The Suunto X10 is compatible with several digital mapping services across the world, including National Geographic TOPO!, Google Earth” and Fugawi. With Suunto Track Exporter PC software, route planning and waypoint programming is fast, accurate and simple. Users can plan their routes on a digital map and download routes directly onto the Suunto X10 or print out their own customized maps. The Suunto Track Exporter PC software also allows users to export “tracks” from their GPS units to Google Earth”, where they can view their adventures anywhere on the globe with real satellite imagery.

After converting your Suunto X10 logs with Suunto Track Exporter, you can share your adventures with anyone who uses Google Earth,” explains Suunto Outdoor Product Manager Petteri Hernelahti. “You can save your tracks in Google Earth, and then email them to friends or family, or post them on a website or blog for downloading.

More eye candy at Navigadget…

One response to “Suunto X10

  1. but, Can I use the X10 for run in the city? Or buildings prevented the good-work of the gps?

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