Eye-Fi Explore – Wirelessly geotag your photos

Katherine Boehret over at All Things Digital has an interesting write-up on Eye-Fi‘s new Explore card.  Eye-Fi cards use your WiFi network to upload your photos directly from your camera to your computer.  While this may not interest some of you those with an established office that are doing a lot of in-house picture taking may benefit from the functionality of the Eye-Fi card.  While Katherine is not overly impressed she does provide quite a bit of information about Eye-Fi and their offerings.

The Explore version geotags your photos but unfortunately you need to be within range of a Skyhook WiFi network for it to work.  (Ms. Boehret could not geotag her photos while stopped along Hwy 101 so I am pretty sure those of you working in Chad are SOL.)  However, the standard Eye-Fi card might prove of interest to some of you especially if you find yourself continuously having to open and close your camera, pull your card or plug in an external cable in less than ideal conditions.

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One response to “Eye-Fi Explore – Wirelessly geotag your photos

  1. While Eye-fi is an interesting technology, it’s tied down to such narrow access points that I can’t ever see it being really useful in the field.

    However, one of the best items I saw for this was at Where 2.0 with Geotate. Basically, you just buy one of their cameras with it embedded in it, or attach it to the one you have. You then run around all over creation taking your pictures, and come back to your “home base” and sync it.

    What’s really interesting about this is that you don’t have to be trained on syncing or geo-referencing anything (or, only one person does). You could get a dozen cameras, hand them out to your field staff and tell them to go to 12 different parts of a region to shoot up some pictures. Everyone comes back, hands in the camera and syncs it. Voila, you have all the images from the area geo-tagged, time stamped and uploaded to the web.

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