Tragic loss in Afghanistan

Four International Rescue Committee Aid Workers Killed in Afghanistan

13 Aug 2008Four International Rescue Committee aid workers were killed this morning in an ambush in Logar Province in Afghanistan.They include three international staff members, all women – a British-Canadian, a Canadian and a Trinidadian American – and an Afghan driver.  Another Afghan driver was critically wounded.

They were traveling to Kabul in a clearly marked International Rescue Committee vehicle when they came under fire.

The IRC has contacted family members and will provide additional information later.

“We are stunned and profoundly saddened by this tragic loss,” says George Rupp, president of the International Rescue Committee.  “These extraordinary individuals were deeply committed to aiding the people of Afghanistan, especially the children who have seen so much strife.  Words are inadequate to express our sympathy for the families and loved ones of the victims and our devoted team of humanitarian aid workers in Afghanistan.”

The International Rescue Committee has suspended its humanitarian aid programs in Afghanistan indefinitely.

The IRC has been working in Afghanistan for 20 years, providing lifesaving aid and recovery assistance to the Afghan people.



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