ScanLife 2D barcode reader App now available for the iPhone

ScanLife has finally released their 2D barcode reader for the iPhone.  Until now it was available for a host of other phones but now you can hit the App icon and download it for free.

ScanLife is involved in a city wide roll out of 2D barcode reviews, available via Citysearch, throughout San Francisco.  Read the article that the project here.


One response to “ScanLife 2D barcode reader App now available for the iPhone

  1. I had my friend download the ScanLife application to his iPhone so I could give it a test drive.

    For starters, the application can only read and decipher proprietary EZcodes. Unfortunately the ScanLife application offers no support for 1D UPC/EAN barcodes, or 2D Data Matrix, Aztec, or QR codes. This is the major downfall of the application, since it only supports one proprietary 2D symbology. As a result, ScanLife is not a true universal code reader like the NeoReader.

    It should also be noted that ScanLife only supports one language: English … while the NeoReader supports multiple languages: English and German.

    The NeoReader even has a UPC number search function, while ScanLife does not.

    Bottom line: The NeoReader easily outperforms ScanLife.

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