sStitch – A disaster reporting App for the iPhone

I just came across this over at the Wall Street Journal’s All Things Digital.  Adam Tow has done a write-up on a whole slew of new apps.  Among them is sStitch, a citizen’s disaster reporting tool.  From the sStitch summary:

From the iPhone the organized photos go up to our server, which outputs geoRSS streams organizable by user or tag. The data can be imported into GIS systems such as Google Earth, as well as Common Operating Picture systems used by organizations such as the Red Cross or fire departments.

In a recent training exercise in San Diego our team imaged an IRL brush fire and got the data displayed in the command center 30 miles away within two minutes.

Very interesting stuff.


One response to “sStitch – A disaster reporting App for the iPhone

  1. Great find! I really like their idea of a suggested categories option. We’ve been struggling with how to address that in the app we’re building too. Our idea was to just have the “last used” options up – that’ll help with the second time someone enters an incident, but not the first.

    Now, time to get in touch with the guys at sStitch…

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