‘All safe in Base Camp’

I thought I should post this excerpt from TheAltitudeExperience.com.  I was watching CNN when they began zooming in on Google Earth to the mountains of Pakistan.  Apparently, several climbers have been killed while descending from the summit.  A few weeks ago I posted a comment from TheAltitudeExperience folks about the problems they were encountering with Thurayas during their ascent.  I immediately thought of them when I heard the news on CNN and so I headed over to their blog to check in an found this:

August 3: Please excuse the brevity, but we are still very busy here. We arrived in BC at 1:30 last night. All members are now in BC, safe and sound (though tired). Chhiring summited K2, so we are very happy about that. Unfortunately, a beautiful day turned deadly and up to 11 climbers lost there lives.
We are still involved in the rescue of two climbers; we think that both rescues are going well and the climbers should be in BC by tomorrow.
More details later. Thanks for your support.

Congratulations to the team.  Let us please all take a moment to think about those folks that just passed on the mountain and their families back home.


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