‘Where Serbs meet the new Kosovo’

The BBC has an article on the Serbian enclave of Strpce in the southern part of Kosovo:

By Patrick Jackson
BBC News, Strpce, Kosovo

Virtually all Kosovo’s remaining Serbs still consider it an inalienable part of Serbia but many are having to compromise with the new independent state declared by the Albanian majority in February.

Fr Zivojin Kojic, parish priest of Strpce

Strpce’s parish priest finds anxiety among his parishioners

The boycott of the new state came easier in the north, where Belgrade still provides essential services and international supervision is limited.

But in the archipelago of enclaves where most Serbs live, life dictates a level of interaction with the Kosovan government.

At the same time, in at least one community deep in the south, people are quietly making plans to leave Kosovo altogether if pushed too far.

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