The best free apps for when your in the field

Here’s a quick list of some good and useful free apps:

  • Ubuntu – A fantastic free OS that eliminates the need to deal with most of the stuff that follows.  Just get on with it and download it now for free especially if your machines are loaded with a bootleg OS.
  • AVG 8.0 – If you are running Windows don’t worry about paying for any anti-virus or anti-spyware.  AVG is good, fast, lite and free.  Download it here and you should stay free and clear of the bugs.
  • Skype – The only real communication tool for aid workers.  You can get it here.
  • Firefox – The only browser you are going to want to deal with.  You can get it here from the Mozilla Foundation.
  • Picasa – For all those photos you take there is nothing better.  It makes iPhoto look like a Windows app.  Get it here.
  • Tor – Cruise the web anonymously albeit slowly.  Make sure you follow the installation instructions.  Make sure to download the full stable Vidalia bundle here.
  • ClarkConnect – If you have crap bandwidth and the moxy to install a transparent proxy server go for ClarkConnect.  Great folks making great gear.  Get the Community Edition here.
  • CCleaner – If your machine is moving slow download and run CCleaner to get the cobwebs out.
  • OpenOffice – If you need an Office alternative look no further.  Get it here.
  • LogMeIn – Remote control heaven.  The base app is free.  Get it here.
  • Mozy – Free online storage with bandwidth throttle.  Just don’t rely on customer service.  Get it here.
  • EncryptOnClick – Encryption tool.  Never tried it but Lifehacker likes it.  Give it a try and let me know.

Most of these are great (Ubuntu, AVG, Skype, Firefox, Picasa, Tor, ClarkConnect, etc.) while the others do a good job.

Any suggestions?  Lay ’em on me.


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