OpenStreetMap in Jordan

Mikel Maron of (OSM) is heading to Jordan to work with JumpStart International.  He’ll be mapping the country with the help of Jordanian engineers and then loading the data into OSM.  Hopefully, he’ll also get to enjoy to hospitality of the Jordanian people, the incredible food, the open air cafes and the massive amount of history that the country has to offer.

Mikel has been involved with everything GIS for some time now.  He writes about his adventures over at Brain Off, works with Andrew Turner on Mapufacture, and most recently spoke at O’Reilly’s Where 2.0 about mapping disasters with Jesse Robbins.  Here is a video of their talk.

OpenStreetMap was founded by Steve Coast.  Steve is currently involved with running CloudMade, a company which builds mapping tools using OSM source data.  Check out this very informative (and very fast paced) YouTube video of Steve laying out how OSM works:

If you are an aid worker (or even if you are not) and you have a slew of tracks stored up please head on over to and lay them down.


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