Links: 2D barcodes

  • Streetstylz dropped a link on me for another 2D barcode reader: NeoReader.  Check out the ‘How it works’ section on the NeoReader site to see what 2D barcoides have to offer and check out Streetstylz site for more on the mobile space race.  Sadly, no NeoReader for the iPhone.
  • Dean, over at Cognation, sent in a link for a sixty second intro on QR Codes.
  • Australia’s SmartCompany ranks QR Codes at #5 on their list of Top 10 search-and-sales tools.  (Not aid worker fodder but interesting enough.)
  • Here is a YouTube video titled ‘N95 Barcode Guide’ that does a great job of laying out the basics.  What the hell, I’ll just embed it.

2 responses to “Links: 2D barcodes

  1. Thanks for the NeoReader link Jon.

    The NeoReader iPhone application was submitted to the App Store. Hope to see it available soon.

    NeoMedia announced this morning that Data Matrix inventor Dennis Priddy has joined the company.

    Exciting times 🙂

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