2D Sense – an iPhone 2D barcode reader that works

I just came across the 2D Sense iPhone barcode reader this morning.  I did a search on my wife’s iPhone in the App store for ‘QR Codes’ and it popped right up.  (Still no luck with ScanLife!).  It has a very clean interface and does a good job at pulling QR Codes off of a computer screen.  (I have yet to try it in the wild.)

If you are looking for a way to easily generate QR Codes for websites you visit and you are a Firefox user be sure to check out the Mobile Barcoder 0.1.4 which I wrote about here, a few posts back.

2D barcodes hold a lot of potential for the aid community and I hope to soon see some apps that help to make our job easier.  The 2D Sense Platform is a good start.


5 responses to “2D Sense – an iPhone 2D barcode reader that works

  1. Intriguing post. What do you use these bar codes for? Or how does this help you?

  2. Don’t get me wrong, based on the wiki link you provided, I can see how the example of inventory control makes sense. This would be a very good inexpensive solution for many supply-chain shops.

    I’m just struggling to see how this helps on public web sites when the reader is needed.

    I guess I could see some applications for this in a employee web site in which you incorporated a mobile strategy and all the needed components were available to all in the compnay.

  3. Hi Tim,

    I’ve put together a 60 second QR code overview for dummies at;


    It has a number of examples of how ‘you/anyone’ could implement QR codes outside of the standard business card vcard file upload or website upload.

    Let me know what you think.


  4. @dean Well after I got over being associated with the “Dummies” crowd, (which really didn’t take that long), I checked out your link. Thanks.

    Any idea on the saturation level of QR Readers in the US market?

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