Who doesn’t want a waterproof phone?

Now I admit this is about as far out there as you can get with a gadget review but what else are you going to blow your hard earned cash on?  You know you already dropped $700 at the Nokia store in the Frankfurt Airport Duty Free on your way home from your last gig and now you are just waiting for your next trip so that the sand can eat your new phone.  Well, in the event your next mission is on a boat you might want think a Golden Shellback treatment.  I didn’t believe it until I watched the video so here it is.

Thanks Gizmodo for the original post.


3 responses to “Who doesn’t want a waterproof phone?

  1. I am looking for something that has:
    1) a touch screen like an ipod touch,
    2)with GIS rating that is excellent in waterproof level
    3)that I can use with a Palm Portable Keyboard.
    Does it exist?

    (-If not 1,2 and 3,
    -one and two, what are the options,
    -or just two?)

  2. The latest gizmo is very expensive fun. You can water/dust/sand proof electronic with zip seal plastic bags. They allow the item to work, and are cheap to replace. Bring along a box. There are many different plastic thickness and clarity available. Some of the outdoor outfitter stores are even offering special bags for the purpose, at a higher price of course. The bag can also be burped or taped to conform to the device. Or I leave air in the bag when on the water to float the device if dropped.

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