Macedonia and NComputing – The party continues!

I have to admit that I read about this a while ago but seeing as though my story about Macedonia and Ubuntu got some attention I thought it only fair that I point out that NComputing is doing it’s part to facilitate Macedonia’s Computer for Every Child initiative.  According to NComputing’s Republic of Macedonia page:

“Once considered the least developed of the former Yugoslavian republics, Macedonia is leaping into the 21st century. Thanks to low-cost virtual desktop technology from NComputing, Macedonia is the first country ever to provide 1:1 computing (one computer per student) to its entire public school population.”

For those of you who don’t know about NComputing it was started by eMachines founder Stephen Dukker.  Check out this recent San Jose/Mercury News article on the company.  Here’s a bit about their association with international non-profit groups:

“The company has partnerships with numerous international non-profit groups, including U.S.-based Save the Children, Ateliers Sans Frontieres in France, Bangladesh-based BRAC, the Organization for American States, UNESCO and the Azim Premji Foundation, founded by the chairman of the information technology giant Wipro in India.” ran this story almost a year ago so I am way behind with this post but NComputing did just make it back in the news with a roll out in India that ZDNet Asia covered.

According to the USAID Macedonia website the project wrapped up in March but I’ll see if I can’t dig up some more info on the eSchools program.


One response to “Macedonia and NComputing – The party continues!

  1. I came across this on the web………

    NComputing’s multi-user technology enables greatly expanded computing capabilities by allowing up to 30 users to simultaneously access a single PC. This multi-user desktop experience supports simultaneous users at lower costs in an easy to use, set-up and maintain environment that is eco friendly. The result is a significantly lower cost of computing, on-going nmanagement and power usage that is many times better than a traditional networked PC model. Since most users only utilize a few percent of today’s powerful PCs, NComputing leverages this power with small access terminals and proven software that enables a single PC or server to support up to 30 users at once. The goal in the multi-user environment is to maintain the performance of the host computer across many users; and as long as the host CPU, memory or LAN performance is not constrained, each access terminal should operate at a speed similar to the host. NComputing supports both Linux and Windows. From Windows 2000, Windows XP to Windows Server 2000 and Windows Server 2003. Linux distributions supported include Ubuntu/Edubuntu/kubuntu, SUSE, FEDORA, DEBIAN, CENTOS, REDHAT and others. What I like about the company is their R&D, they are always researching and improving on their products. Remember the Office Station L100? Then came the NComputing L100, ad NComputing L1200, and now NComputing L130,NComputing L230. Not to forget the NComputing Xtenda X300. In East Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo, Ethiopia, Somalia) you can contact OPENCODE SYSTEMS at Their telephone is +254-020-3560507/8, +254-722-681971, +254-721-219190

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