2D barcode links (cont.)

Ok, I know some of you are thinking this is getting to be ridiculous but here are some new 2D barcode links…

  • Google Trends on different barcodes – A very nice comparison of datamatrix, qr code, flashcode, ez code and shotcode.

  • All About Mobile LifeThis site seems to be Kaywa’s blog on everything mobile.  Lot’s of links to follow.  Very nice site.  They provided the bit on Google Trends above.
  • Google’s take on 2D barcodes – Google AdWords gives their position.  There’s also a link to Google’s own ZXing decoding software.

In some strange way 2D barcodes seem very primal, much like the tatoos that came into fashion about 10-years ago.  The story is contained within the barcode itself, much like in a tattoo.


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