$1500 for a SIM card in Myanmar!?

So latest news is that aid workers are being charged $1500 for a SIM card in Myanmar and that network is confined to Yangon and Mandalay(?). Also, sat comms are verboten.

Can anyone add to this?

UPDATE:  Check out the comments below.  Also, here is the link to MPT’s Mobile Communications Department


4 responses to “$1500 for a SIM card in Myanmar!?

  1. I cannot confirm the price of SIM cards but a friend of a friend was able to bring in one of the new model Thurayas. It seems they look enough like mobile phones to pass scrutiny. At least occasionally.

  2. This is true, I visited during Easter – this is what all Burmese have to pay for a mobile, and they are indeed restricted to the two biggest cities. I guess it restricts communications to the military elite. Satellite TV is similarly priced beyond 99% of ordinary people’s means.

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  4. If they are really 1500 USD, why not buy an international sim card with roaming in Myanmar. You can buy one for 20 USD.

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