Stefan Geens over at has an interesting post on a new service. provides users with coordinates and settings for proper alignment of their satellite television dish. I am wondering how useful this would be for those of us with VSAT units?


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  1. I tested it out for my place in Kabul. It is quick to use and very easy to visualize but has limited utility.

    For most of the world it requires that you be able determine your lat/long and know which satellite you need to connect to. If you already know these things chances are you also know how to use the units built in direction capabilities or can use the providers website to accomplish the same thing.

    Where it might be useful is if you want to compare several potential office sites to estimate which locations will have their line of sight blocked by that big hill. Even in that sort of scenario the utility is limited by the accuracy of the Google Earth terrain elevation data for the area you are working.

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