RemoteX for Skype


RemoteX works well but not as well as I had hoped.  It is a bit slow, even over a broadband connection, and so cannot compare with services like  However, it is easy to use so in a pinch could serve it’s purpose.



One response to “RemoteX for Skype

  1. The reason RemoteX is slow is due to geographical location. Our remote desktop engine technology uses gateways setup in datacenters around the world. However, the free RemoteX Skype extra is hard coded to use only one primary datacenter – which may be halfway around the world from you.

    Our full version RemoteCall remote desktop support tools use variable, automated gateway discovery to provide significantly faster connections speeds. If you are within the same continent as one of our global gateways, you should see remote desktop control performance similar to RDP in a LAN environment.

    Check out for more information and try out the full RemoteCall product. You will be amazed at the low-latency speed.

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